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Here are some of the services that we provide:

Understanding your business, Risk Identification and Advice

Through a simple but sophisticated business process we fact find so as to better understand your business, with its unique set of conditions and circumstances. Then we are able to assess any areas of vulnerability in your business and analyse levels of risk of financial loss you may face.

We then advise you on the optimal risk mitigation strategy, including risk avoidance, risk reduction and transfer of risk to insurance providers.

Insurance Analysis and Advice For You

Our highly experienced insurance brokers analyse the various insurance options available for your business needs, examining the premiums and levels of cover provided by your existing insurance policies.

After consultation with you, your insurance broker will, with their specialised industry knowledge make contact with their strong industry relationships to obtain a quotation for the insurance program that best suits your specific needs.

Preparation of Detailed Reports For Our Clients

Your broker prepares a detailed portfolio of all your insurance policies, itemising aspects of your business risk and the levels of insurance cover.

We arrange regular meetings with our clients to review and update your portfolio, proposing any additional cover when it is deemed necessary, based on any changed circumstances.

Your broker will keep this portfolio up to date, notifying you when any amendments or additions are required.

Dedicated Claims Management

Should you need to make an insurance claim, we provide a dedicated team who will assist you through the claims process.

  1. It is vital that you inform our claims team as quickly as you can so that they are able to initiate the claims procedure on your behalf.
  2. This ensures you receive prompt service and a favourable settlement from your insurers or underwriters.
  3. Where possible (some insurers lodge online or over the phone), we provide you with the necessary claims forms to complete and guide you through the process as your claim is lodged and processed by the insurers or underwriters.
  4. Our claims managers will update you on the status of your claim.
  5. They will negotiate on your behalf if necessary and notify you when the claim has been settled.

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We are expert insurance brokers, allow us to review your insurance program to ensure you get the insurance cover you need to protect your business!

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