SME Insurance Group provides a range of tailored claims management services.

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What is Claims Management?

Claims Management consists of consultation or services in respect of claims for compensation, restitution, repayment or any other remedy for loss or damage.

Claims management services cover standard negotiation by us on behalf of our clients in straight forward claims, through to more complex issues which may require supporting our clients with expert advice through a client’s litigation, and claims under regulation schemes or voluntary insurance schemes of arrangement.

Benefits of Claims Management

A significant impact on premium reduction can often be achieved by taking a proactive approach to claims management.

Benjmin & Benjamin actively support the claims process with a view to resolving outstanding claims as quickly as possible by providing direct access to relevant specialists and allowing you to maintain your focus on your business.

SME has a strong capability and business relationships with specialist 3rd party Claims Consultants across Australia, which can and will be engaged with if required to improve claims outcomes.

Our Claims Management Service

SME  engages with, and negotiates with domestic and international insurers, reinsurers, government bodies, self-insured entities and relevant third parties to a claim.

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