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PSC Connect Pty Ltd

The PSC business has evolved from a single broking house with five employees in 2006,  into holding six Australian Financial Services Licensed entities (AFSL) operating out of 14 locations across the country employing in excess of 741 staff and 300 authorised representatives.

PSC is a member of the BrokersLink Global Insurance Alliance, and is their Australian representative.

This enables PSC to best serve its clients with overseas operations making it an obvious alternative to overseas owned competitors for all Australian owned small and large companies who need help in this way. Importantly it provides PSC with access to a global knowledge network which communicates information in relation to critical matters that influence risk and insurance around the world.

With a presence in over 100 countries, BrokersLink is one of the largest global networks of insurance brokers. More than 10,000 professionals across the globe are ready to address the insurance needs of mid-size businesses and large, multinational enterprises spanning across many industries.

Industry Memberships:

Steadfast Group

All entities with the PSC Insurance Group are a members of the Steadfast Group Limited, an intermediary network that assists insurance brokers in day-to-day management, expertise and the compilation of a number of specially written policies for the benefit of their clients.

Steadfast is Australasia’s largest general insurance broker network comprising 306 brokerages with more than 500 offices across metropolitan and regional Australia and New Zealand.

It is an ASX 200 listed company, a market leader in our industry and an innovator in insurance broking. True to our original charter, Steadfast exists to drive an insurance broker network that provides unique professional services and advice to its clients .

Steadfast generated over A$5 billion in insurance sales in 2013-14 and the network looks after over 2 million policies for Australian and New Zealand businesses.

The Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance

The Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance is the leading membership, education, training and professional development organisation for the insurance and finance industry in the Asia-Pacific region.

The Institute partners with companies, government and non-profit organisations to provide a range of services that support professional excellence to enhance the standards, reputation and success of the industry and improve community understanding of insurance and finance.

Established in 1884, the Institute works with members in 50 countries and has offices in Australia, New Zealand and China.

National Insurance Brokers Association

All licensed entities within the PSC Insurance Group are members of the National Insurance Brokers Association of Australia (NIBA). NIBA is a professional organisation established to advance the role of insurance brokers within the community and the insurance industry. As a NIBA member, the PSC Insurance Group licensed entities belong to an independent external complaints facility – Financial Ombudsman Service, which helps to resolve issues between insurance brokers and other financial services providers (other than insurance companies) and their clients.

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